Mirror, Classic, 60 cm

Mirror, Classic, 60 cm

Series Name: C55 Product Code: 56855

VitrA, is leading yet another innovation in Turkey and mirrors gethered under a single series for the first time. offered with a choice of colors to the classic series that mirrors.


Nexus www.nexusproductdesign.de

The interdisciplinary Nexus Product Design team has been developing product lines and design strategies for leading brands since 1987. Winner of prestigious international awards, Nexus created important series by inspiring VitrA's finely honed mastery of technology and design; which are smart, elegant and subtly distinctive in style: System Fit, Solitaire Fit and Notte.


  • Width 60
  • Depth 4
  • Height 70


All drawings contain the necessary measurements which are subject to standard tolerances. For exact measurements, in particular for customized installation scenarios, it can only be taken from the finished ceramic product.